Have you ever been a victim of retail therapy?  A women who shops to replace a damaged relationship or a bad break up.  I think there isn’t one women that can’t say, they haven’t experienced shopping until they drop to replace a love that they valued so much to wake up and realize that it is gone forever.  Something about looking pretty gives you the strength to hype yourself up and try to move on with confidence.  So we think anyway.  But it does help, to buy a pretty necklace, ring, a bracelet, pair shoe, or just do a full blown make-over to make you “Not” that women that you were before you left.  Looking good and feeling good, makes life so much better.  It’s the main reason why women are the species that they are because the strength that we have.  We basically, can be thrown into the fire and come back out stronger than when we went in.  But there is something about doing it with class.  Beauty and accessorizing help identify us and give us hope of a better outlook on having stronger relationship the next time around.  It tells us we have changed, we are new and different.  What we experienced before, will not happen the next time.  We are new like the new chain around our neck, we are changed like the new pair of shoes that we are wearing, we will not stand down like the new weave we are wearing.  WE are a newly accessorized woman with class that has changed our wardrobe.

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