Purchasing hair extensions is like buying a good pair of shoes that won’t hurt your feet.  You have so many different sellers telling you that their hair is the right hair, but how do you know if it is true?  You really can’t determine by looking at a picture.  The best way is researching the seller and reading reviews.  Google the name, see if there is any bad feed back, educate yourself about the hair you are buying, call the store to receive more information. Ask, to have a sample shipped out to your location.  Questions are important, hey, you are spending the money so ask a way.  Make sure they offer refunds.  Know what texture your hair is and don’t get caught up with names, like Malaysian, Peruvian, Brazilian.  It sounds, good, but you want the texture that matches your hair best.  Also, just because it’s a high price doesn’t mean it’s “GOOD HAIR”  understand what you are doing, and read up on the type of hair you are looking for.  Hair is suppose to blend with your own natural hair and if it doesn’t do that, then what’s the point?  Ask about quality and longevity.  That’s what makes Remy Indian hair unique, it’s not like your down the street beaut supply store hair.  Hey, they dare not sell you quality hair that has longevity, they probably won’t see you as often.   Understand your purchase and make sure your seller is honest and works diligently with you.

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